Tesla’s New Secret Truck

Real World X-Ray Vision — It’s Happening

A new technology can let you see through walls. This could be a privacy nightmare. But one thing is clear: it’s awesome »

Hacker Infiltrates Company with Single Photograph

How hard is it for a hacker to steal troves of information? Perhaps…

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How to get Pre-IPO shares of ChatGPT

OpenAI has taken the world by storm — and investors want in.

OpenAI is the Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) company behind ChatGPT, the technology that can generate human-like text.

ChatGPT can write essays or computer code for you, engage in philosophical conversations, or help you with shopping, a health issue, or even…

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The Latest in Fashion: Surveillance Underwear

This Collectible is Worth $1,000 — So Why Is It Expected to Sell for $250,000?

How could a rare collectable valued at just $1,000 fetch more than $250,000 at auction? See for yourself »

Pentagon Admits UFOs Exist

The government has stopped trying to hide classified alien sightings. In…

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“Trade” Your Friends for Cash?

Have you seen the new app, Friend.tech?

Essentially, it’s a social network where you can buy shares in people — from NBA players and OnlyFans creators, to ordinary folks like your friends.

Once you own shares in someone, you can engage with them directly.

But what’s more interesting is this: if…

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Protestors are Arming Themselves with Parking Cones

The Mystery City Being Built by Silicon Valley’s Elite

A mysterious company has spent a billion dollars snatching up thousands of acres in Northern California. The people behind it — from Marc Andreessen to Laurene Powell Jobs — are Silicon Valley’s elite. What’s going on here? »

Buildings Made…

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AI Can Steal Your Personal Info — Here’s How

The World's Cheapest Home Is for Sale

The “world’s cheapest home” just hit the market. Admittedly, it needs some work. But is it too good of a deal to pass up? You be the judge »

This Junk Food Might Be Good for You

Scientists are studying whether this…

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Imagine walking into work tomorrow, looking your boss in the eye, and saying…


Then heading home, kicking up your feet, and enjoying retirement!

Imagine doing all of that while knowing your bills are paid and not caring less whether the market is going up or down.

I know,…

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5-Year-Old Wins a Lawsuit

Finally: A TV in a Suitcase

LG’s newest product is a high-definition television that comes in a suitcase. Think that sounds weird? Wait ‘til you see it »

Flying Aliens? Or Men with Jetpacks?

In Peru, locals are being visited by strange, aerial beings. Weird details here »

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