For 1,000% Gains, I Eat My Own Cooking

I love having dinner with my 2-year-old son.

If he’s hesitant about something on his plate, I show him what he’s missing by eating it myself.

He stares at me, intrigued. I can see him thinking, “Hmm, if Daddy likes it, it must be good.”

I thought about this recently…

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Amazon Prepares for Weed Delivery

An Invisible Sculpture Just Sold for $18,000

An Italian work of art just fetched a five-figure price. What’s so special about it? Hard to say… considering nobody can see it. Art is weird »

This Candy is Great for Your Teeth

Parents just can’t catch a break today. In…

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All the upside… none of the downside

The ultra-rich are obsessed with investing in venture capital funds.

After all, such funds can make their investors even richer.

Unfortunately, as Wayne started to explain last week, many hurdles are keeping investors like you out of this lucrative asset class.

So today, I’ll throw some light on these hurdles…

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Sign Up for a Free Cruise

[Video] The New Fastest Man Alive

A British man just broke Usain Bolt’s 100-meter world record. Of course, he needed a jetpack to do it. Check it out here »

This Could Put Starbucks Out of Business

Starbucks makes a good cup of coffee. But what if you could…

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Outperform Stocks by 916% (or more)

Want to trounce the stock market by 916% (or more) over the next year?

If so, I’ve got some advice for you:

Don’t invest in the stock market!

After all, if you invest like everyone else does, your returns will be average.

And who can afford to earn average returns?…

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How to Invest in One Startup Every Day

I know someone that’s made 110 startup investments — this year.

That’s nuts. It means that, since Jan 1, they’ve made at least one investment every single weekday.

Sure, startups can lead you to huge windfalls. And sure, their returns beat the stock market by nearly 10x. But still, one…

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Your iPhone Is Taking "Invisible" Pictures of You

Help Wanted: Guard America’s Nuclear Weapons

Eager to protect some of America’s most important secrets, and if necessary, use deadly force? This job could be for you. Apply here »

Scientists Say You’re Eating Oreos All Wrong

Are you a dunker? A twister? A licker? There are lots of…

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This Bagel Is Worth $166,500

My brother can’t find a good bagel.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t a threat to our civilization.

But still, he’s a good kid, and he deserves a good bagel.

The problem is, he used to live in New York City, home of the best bagels on earth.…

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The "Google Killer" (How to Profit)

If often seems like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are unstoppable.

These three giants accounted for an estimated 65% of U.S. digital ad spending last year — and for the companies and their shareholders, that led to billions in profits.

But recently, the “dirty little secret” about how they actually earn…

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