Here’s Your Shot at Getting Shares of TikTok

The stock market’s recent highs are being driven by one main factor: seven big tech companies known as The Magnificent 7.

To see what all the fuss is about, check out how their stocks performed last year:

  • Nvidia (NVDA): Up 239%.
  • Meta Platforms (META): Up 194%.
  • Tesla (TSLA): Up…

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The Weirdest Job Listing You’ll Ever See

The Baseball Stadium that Sold for a Dollar

Someone spent one dollar to purchase an old MLB baseball stadium. But then it spent fourteen million dollars on an unusual renovation »

Look Out — “Open Banking” Is Coming

Banks may soon be able to share your info with…

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Potential 54-Bagger from the Surprising Future of Transportation

Media headlines give the impression that electric vehicles (EVs) are our definitive future.

For example, Goldman Sachs says “The future of four wheels is all electric”

Forbes says “EVs are Cleaner and Have Brighter Futures Than Traditional Cars”

And Bloomberg says “It’s Done. The Future is Battery-Powered…

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Google Says to Put Glue on Pizza

Why Are Prison Inmates Mailing Letters to this Tech Professor?

A Harvard tech professor is being inundated with letters from prisoners from all across America. And as it turns out, he’s thrilled to receive them. Here’s what’s happening »

If You’re “Home Alone,” Check out This Iconic House for…

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Oddball Investors Use AI to Make 10x Their Money

There’s a million ways to make a buck, right?

Today I’ll tell you a story about one of the stranger ones.

After you hear about it, you might be tempted to try it yourself. After all, if a bunch of oddball investors could use it to make 10x their money,…

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This AI Goes on Dates for You

Whoops — Elon Needs a New Volunteer

Elon Musk is seeking a new test subject for a life-changing procedure. But before you volunteer, you should really see what happened to the first guy »

What the Heck is a “Throbber”?

You’ve seen it while surfing the Web. And chances…

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How a Formula 1 Driver Consistently Beat the S&P by 117%

Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher has a trophy collection that rivals any pro athlete.

During a storied career racing for top teams like Ferrari and Mercedes, he won seven World Drivers’ Championships, and held records for the most wins (91), the most pole positions (68), the greatest number…

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This Yellow Car Has the U.S. Government Trembling

Green Means Go… Red Means Stop… White Means… ?

Red, yellow, green… white? Find out why traffic lights may be getting another color »

A Lithium Goldmine in an Unexpected State

Making batteries takes lots of lithium. But nearly half of what’s needed could come from this surprising…

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