Reverse Aging? Harvard/MIT Scientists Now Say It’s Possible

Time to Buy Apple Stock?

Apple’s already a three-trillion-dollar company. Could its stock rise even higher? Given this new patent, it sure might »

A Bucket of Paint Could Reverse Climate Change

Many believe dramatic steps are needed to reverse the effects of climate change. But perhaps all that’s…

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This is how he made 400x his money…

There are many types of investments out there.

But one of them is my favorite: startups.

After all:

  • On average, their returns are nearly 10x higher than stocks.
  • It’s exciting to be involved in cutting-edge companies.
  • And meanwhile, by investing in…

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LEAKED: Tesla’s New Creation

Machines Rebelling Against Humans? This Robot Didn’t Dismiss the Idea

A life-like humanoid robot was asked if it would rebel against its human creators. You won’t believe its response »

Using This Emoji Could Cost You

If you’re trying to be like the “cool kids” and use emojis in…

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How Harvard Crushes the Market — And How You Can, Too

You know who’s got a lot of money?

And no, I’m not talking about Elon Musk. (According to Bloomberg, even after losing $200 billion since 2021, he’s still worth $251 billion.)

I’m talking about colleges.

In the U.S. alone, colleges are sitting on more than half a trillion dollars.


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RIP Twitter?

Turn the Tables on Telemarketers

You can ignore calls from unknown numbers. You can hang up as soon as you hear a telemarketer’s voice on the other line. Or you can use this to keep them from ever calling you again »

This Holiday Staple May Be Going Extinct

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My #1 Rule for Not Overpaying for Investments Today

Most investors pay too much for their startup investments.

That’s a problem.

If you overpay, you’ll never make the kinds of profits that could potentially change your life.

So today, I’ll reveal one of the most important rules for startup investing:

It’s my #1 rule for ensuring that you —…

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Who’ll Win the Cage Match: Zuckerberg or Musk?

"I Married a Chatbot"

Rosanna Ramos was having trouble finding true love. Then she turned to Artificial Intelligence, and soon found the “man” of her dreams. Get the scoop »

Your Next Meal Might Include Astronaut Breath

How do you make bread in space? First, you’ll need the basics…

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The Beatles Are Releasing a New Album

Beyoncé Causes Inflation to Spike in Sweden

There are powerful people — and then there are superstars. One superstar’s appearance in Sweden caused such a stir, the country’s inflation rate soared. What’s going on here? »

[VIDEO] Japan Wants Satellites to Die a Fiery Death

Outer space is filling up…

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